Fast Forward Your Future

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11:59 EST Thursday 28 September 2023.

What's inside...
Everything you need

to confidently reflect on where your business is at in a  quick and easy, yet meaningful way. Evaluate your possibilities, narrow down the options, and pinpoint your next best steps to Fast Forward Your Future.

All with just a few hours of your time.

A one-off special price will apply to this first-time offer.

Here’s what is included:

ì Video Training – In this 90-minute session, you’ll be guided in detail through every step of the                       process.

ì Training Slides in pdf format making it easier for you to quickly review the key points in the video.

ì Expert Guidance. You will have the benefit of my expertise as I walk you step-by-step through the             Fast Forward Your Future process, ensuring you get the most out of the exercise.

ì Comprehensive Workbook with all the steps in the training and a place to keep all your reflections,         insights, and prioritized action plan in one place.

ì Reusable Template that can be utilized time and time again. Easily update your Business Plan                        whenever needed, ensuring your business stays adaptable and relevant.

ì 24/7 Community – Ongoing access to my private Facebook group where you can get support,                     answers to any questions you have related to the training and celebrate your successes.

ì Bonus: Recorded visualization exercise in addition to the 90-minute training video. This bonus                   exercise is tailored specifically for you to Fast Forward Your Future. Designed to help you to                         visualize and manifest your future success it promotes a positive mindset and motivates you to                   achieve your desired results. You will be able to use this time and time again.

ì Lifetime Access to the Workshop and materials for re-use as required.

ì VIP Option to Add-On 1:1 One 40-minute high-impact 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Session. An                  opportunity to review your plan, gain further clarity on achieving your goals, and discuss any                        implementation concerns. 

Let me help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

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