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What I Offer


Building your confidence, clarity, and courage so that you get the desired results on a timely basis.


Access to a business savvy expert with in-depth experience across a range of industries and fields of expertise.


  • Keeping on Track
  • Monitoring Results
  • Tweaking as Required


Leslie Hamilton

Exectutive Coach,
Director, FutureScape

'Lynda is passionate and intuitive as well as performance focused and business savvy - a combination of traits not often found in one person. She has a deep understanding of people and a breadth of experience having worked in various industries and organizations. All this together makes Lynda an outstanding Facilitator, Coach and Change Agent who can add extra value. I can recommend Lynda very highly.'​

'Lynda's energy and empathy, coupled with her strategic thinking and business know-how has made her a great coach and advisor. She listened to the issues carefully and co-designed tools that work! I'd recommend her to those who need advice on business /operational development and/or executive coaching.'

Jenny Chu

Procurement Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Who I work with

I work with Coaches, Course Creators, Consultants, Bookkeepers, Creatives and other knowledge-based Service Providers who:

  • want to have more consistent revenue in their business
  • believe they have gaps in operating their business. They want their business to flow more seamlessly
  • need to further clarify their niche and who they are serving
  • need help with a specific area of their business such as: lead generation, marketing, pricing, offers, services, visibility, course creation, mindset, systems, or setting up their technology
  • want to pivot their business in some new way or in a different direction.

I also work with Coaches, Course Creators, Consultants, Bookkeepers, Creatives and other knowledge-based Experts who have an idea for starting a full or part-time business and require support to set it up. Often they:

  • are unsure of how to set up an online business or where to start
  • need to clarify how to best market and monetize their expertise and the niche they will focus on serving
  • don’t have a lead magnet and don’t know how to create one or how to set it up in an opt-in form so they can begin creating their mailing list
  • need help with setting up their marketing, pricing, offers, services, visibility, course creation, mindset, systems, technology or another area of their business and
  • require an exit plan to transition from their current situation to being an online business owner.

What can I do for you?

As a Business Owner it can feel a bit like being on the hamster wheel with no exit. We are constantly being bombarded with information and choices and a long list of to-do’s. We are not always sure of the right direction to take or even how to take that next step of the journey to successful entrepreneurship. I know. I’ve been there too having worked as a Business Owner for many years and having pivoted many times out of necessity. 

Being in business means constantly reassessing your strategy and focus as the market and environment changes. With Covid, the shifts required were greater than they had ever been before, at least in my lifetime and probably yours too.  In 2021 I decided to take my business fully online. It was a huge learning curve to figure out how the world of online service businesses worked. It was much more challenging than it looked. Like many experts, I thought I could easily figure it out. Experts are used to doing that. We’re smart, innovative and have lots of initiative. 

But it wasn’t as easy as it looks. I could have shortened my journey and lessoned my stress levels by getting more help right from the start. Don’t let that happen to you. Let me shorten your timeline to success by applying my proven ‘get clear get results’ system. I’ll help you to break through the barriers to unleash more of your potential and help you to get the results you desire.

The programs I’ve designed are specifically tailored for knowledge-based Experts and Service Providers who are Business Owners or aspire to be a Business Owner. 

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Get Clear Get Results

My Story

After qualifying and working as a Chartered Accountant, the unexpected happened. I found myself working for Dale Carnegie, an organization that changed my life path. I was on their Sales team and I also coached participants in their Leadership, Sales, and Public Speaking courses. These courses were designed to improve one’s business expertise, emotional intelligence, leadership, and ability to speak publicly. I remember the feeling of joy and connectedness I felt in this role. I was coaching and supporting people who wanted to improve, grow and evolve in their work. They wanted to be more successful in their chosen careers. They wanted to be better leaders in their industries, their communities, and their businesses. I felt inspired by the results they achieved and I clearly saw the transformational impact of developing yourself and having a coach.

Later, I immigrated from Canada to New Zealand and worked as Director of Training for KPMG, an international accounting firm. Subsequently, I worked in the People and Culture field as an employee, and later, as a self-employed Consultant and Lecturer in Management. Having worked in many senior roles in business and as a long-time business owner myself, I’ve coached and trained 1000’s of leaders who were business owners, board members, managers, team leaders, and professionals. I’ve also supported, coached and trained many new business owners, helping them to get their businesses up and running smoothly.

Primarily I’ve been involved in business advisory (accounting, auditing systems, and business strategy), sales and marketing, leadership development, coaching, training, public speaking, and facilitating transformational experiences. I’ve designed, sold, and facilitated an extensive range of courses across many different industries.

My insatiable curiosity and my thirst to learn, improve, grow and evolve has led me to where I am today. It’s clearly defined me in many ways and has given me the opportunity to monetize my expertise and impact many lives, including my own. It’s my secret sauce to success and it can be your secret sauce too. I welcome you on this journey with me.

Certified Advisor_Liz Zellman

My Solutions


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  • 10 Ways to Master Your Mindset Infographic
  • and other Resources to help you on your journey.

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